Is It Safe to Trek in Nepal |Trekking in Nepal after Earthquake

05-11-2016 Makalu Adventure

A massive earthquake struck Nepal on the 25th with a force of 7.8 Richter Scale magnitude and rattled the whole nation to rubbles. A year after this destructive force of nature took thousands of lives and brought down the hopes of millions of Nepalese all over the world, there is a lot of apprehension among people about visiting Nepal.

What is the situation like for trekking in Nepal after earthquake? Is it safe to trek in Nepal? A lot of travelers have many questions about visiting Nepal, which is very understandable. As a part of our blog series, we are addressing some of the most frequently asked questions that first-time visitors might have regarding their safety while trekking in Nepal after earthquake.

Looks like most of the tourist attractions have been destroyed.
Yes, the earthquake did bring a lot of damages to most old structures. But like the Nepalese resilience, most of them are either already restored or are currently under restoration. Either ways, Nepal has a lot more to offer than just buildings and architectural structures. Visiting Nepal is a cultural and spiritual experience, rather than just sightseeing.

Are the hotels and restaurants running?
One might be surprised to know that most businesses reopened a few weeks after the earthquake. Most hotels and restaurants are back in business except for the ones that needed to go through extreme renovation.

I will feel guilty for going trekking so soon after the earthquake.
Tourism in Nepal has been heavily affected after the earthquake due to a largely nervous atmosphere among travelers. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal. If anything, your visiting Nepal is a major help to the local people and the nation as a whole. We strongly suggest that you leave your guilt at home and visit Nepal if your wanderlust has been growing every day. You will not regret it. 🙂

Surely, they want to rebuild instead of having tourists disturbing them.
Like stated before, tourism is a huge part of Nepal’s economy. Your visit means revenue for the country and will directly or indirectly help in the rebuilding process of the country. The Nepalese government actually published a notice to tourists all over the world stating that Nepal is perfectly safe to visit and asking travelers to give Nepal a try.

What about more earthquakes and landslides?
To be completely honest, landslides are common occurrences in rural Nepal but go unreported in the international media. Having said that, it is also good to know that these landslides are of small scale and rarely harm anyone.
Earthquakes are a different matter entirely and cannot be predicted at all. They could strike any part of the world at any time. However, safety measures are being taken by the government and safety protocols are in place since the last earthquake. It is also wise to be on the lookout for small tremors as they are common in Nepal.

To sum it all up, the resilient people of Nepal are back on their feet and are ready for tourism to flourish like never before. At Makalu Adventures, we hope that our article was helpful. We are more than eager to have travelers explore their beautiful land and discover the delights within.

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Is It Safe to Trek in Nepal |Trekking in Nepal after Earthquake


A massive earthquake struck Nepal on the 25th with a force of 7.8 Richter

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