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British Himlung Expedition Team



Our British Himlung expedition team consisted of 6 people. 3 of the clients and 4 sherpas successfully climbed Mt. Himlung ((7125m)on 10th November 2015.

Makalu Adventure Earthquake Relief School Project

April 25th, 2015 was the day that shook Nepal and neighboring countries by an earthquake that measured 7.6 on the richer scale. More than 8500 people died in Nepal and more than 30,000 people were injured all over Nepal.



Relief came from all over the world. A month after the earthquake, Mr. Mohan Lamsal and the Management team had a meeting as to how we could assist in the relief work. After much contemplation, we visited Nuwakot- a district badly affected by the earthquake. We came to learn that most of the schools in Nuwakot district had been destroyed. Looking at the long term needs, we decided to build schools in Nuwakot District.



The villages that we identified as the neediest of education were Arugote, Badeli, Peepal Danda and Jore Chautara. At the initial stage, construction was started at Arugote, the next phases will be at Badali then Peepal Danda. We estimate to educate 350 students at the primary level. The total cost for the construction of the school will be borne by Makalu Adventure, Bernhard Buehler from Switzerland, Roy Francis from UK, Tony Arden from UK and Geraldine Sweeney from USA.




Makalu Adventure along with its partners from Switzerland, UK and USA is glad to announce the near completion of its first school at Tarukar of Nuwakot district in Nepal. This comes as a relied after the devastating earthquake that took place in Nepal on 25th April, 2015.

The school is holds classes up to the 5th standard and expects to educate at least 80 children. The school has been designed to withstand earthquake up to 10 richter scale. The school has been furnished with toilets and shower.








In the next phase Makalu Adventure will be  constructing another School at Badali of the Nuwakot district.

Makalu Adventure would like to thank for the kind gesture, financial assistance, technical know-how and cooperation to all the helping hands and the local peoples of Nuwakot District.

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